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Historically Funny. Hysterically Inaccurate.

Improvised History is a Boston-area improv comedy troupe based on what remember about US history.This season, it's the 1950's and things are booming - the economy, babies, and atomic bombs. Come watch our hilarious improvisers weave a made-up narrative full of questionable nuclear science, silly spies, and rebuked gender norms. This show is one part nerdy, one part funny, and one part absolutely riding the recent Hollywood pop culture mashup hype.(Please pardon our appearance, our old website host went out of business. We'll be back with a real website eventually)

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Our 2023 show dates are Fridays
September 22nd
October 13th
November 10th
December 8th
At the Rozzie Square Theater. Head to the Rozzie Square Theater Website for tickets!

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